We just had to share this fabulous video of what the true cost could be if we lost our high street and local shops. Online shopping is great (I know because we build websites!). But the gain in convenience of being able to shop anytime anywhere comes at the cost of losing our High Street, and the human connections that the High Street brings.

Thankfully the Heatons is a great, thriving area, but it’s not immune to what’s happening in the world of commerce. That’s why we believe it’s important for local shops to have an online presence. It’s not about driving people away from shops to online, it’s about helping people who are online see that they also have great local shops that can serve them just as well.

The internet is the future, but local shopping is not the past. They can co-exist wonderfully. If you have a physical shop and want help getting online, so that your customers who are looking for you can find you easily, then get in touch. www.nettlofstockport.com.

Rajeev Arora


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