Did you know that skin creams containing paraffin have been linked to many fire deaths?

People using these creams regularly are at risk of setting themselves on fire as the creams soak into their clothes and bed sheets, making them flammable. (See article on the BBC website.)

Liquid paraffin is a petroleum derivative that is also commonly referred to as ‘mineral oil.’ Many well known products – such as Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and E45 – contain paraffin.

Many of the paraffin-based creams are used to treat common conditions like eczema and psoriasis and are often recommended by doctors. However, there are natural products available to treat these conditions.

Paraffin is also used in nappy creams and other skincare products. It is used as a barrier on the skin supposedly to retain moisture, creating a somewhat greasy but smooth feeling on the skin, giving the user a sensation of moisture. In reality, these kind of products just add a greasy film to the skin which prevents the skin from breathing, and can cause clogged pores, acne and skin irritations.

Regulatory agencies have repeatedly warned of the dangers of paraffin-based creams and have advised they should contain a warning on the packaging.

Here at Mrs Frisbee’s All Naturals we know that there is nothing more precious than our skin,
and that’s why we only use the best quality natural ingredients – because when our skin looks great, we feel great too.

As a natural skincare company we pride ourselves on the quality of the natural ingredients we use in our products.

All our products are free from:

  • parabens
  • sodium lauryl sulphate
  • sodium laureth sulphate
  • synthetic fragrances
  • petrochemicals
  • paraffin
  • lanolin
  • mineral oils
  • methylisothiazolinone
  • synthetic ingredients.

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