I know the flats above the shops at the Moor Top have been an issue for a long time and I just want to take this opportunity to explain a few things.


The shops below have a very onerous lease which means we are financially responsible for the exterior of the buildings even though we will never own them. The landlords DO NOT PAY for anything. We have been battling for years to raise enough funds to be able to do them up, I’m sure you’ve noticed they have had new windows installed bit by bit and the interiors replaced. I’m sure most of you understand having a small business is a lot of hard work and just surviving in the current climate is tough enough without having extra costs to cover. The landlords landed us all with an £18k bill per unit a few years ago for the railings and the roofing which obviously wiped us out of any profit and delayed improvements to the individual flats. I have just spent £15k to renovate the flat above the shop so for those of you good at maths you will have worked out that totals £33k, this has been paid over the last 3 years.


By supporting your local shops it means we can keep the area looking neat and tidy. It isn’t the big guys that pay for this, it’s us little people. We are really lucky to have such fab, local support from our customers and I urge you to continue and, if you can, increase your support of local shops. It is all of us that will benefit.

Jen McKenna

Moo Boutique