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The Heatons Map Project

If you live in the Heatons, then you know your way around and where each Heaton is located. But, do you know what and where all our fantastic local businesses are located, or even the range of business based in the Heatons that do not operate from ‘ shop’ premises? And what about those people from outside our lovely area – do they know all the great things we have here in the Heatons and where to find them?

The Heatons Map is here to help! We hope to have the first edition of The Heatons Map ready to distribute early in 2019 – not only will the map provide a useful visual aid to the layout of the Heatons, but it will also include a listing of local businesses operating in the area, all in a handy, foldable map. Pick up your copy from local businesses or download a copy directly from our website – perfect for anyone planning a visit The Heatons!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be listed on the map?

The Map will aim to list the businesses in our key shopping areas:

  • Heaton Mersey – the row of shops on Didsbury road between Station Road and The Crown Pub
  • Heaton Moor (Moor Top) – the shops in the area around the Savoy Cinema
  • Heaton Moor (Shaw Road) – the shops on Shaw Road and along Heaton Moor Road
  • Heaton Chapel – the shops along School Lane and Manchester Road
  • Heaton Norris – the parade of shops next to the Mercedes Garage

There will also be a limited number of spaces to list non-shop-front businesses.

Spaces on the map are limited and priority will be given to 4HTA Members first.


How many maps will be printed?

Our intention is to print at least 10,000 maps in the first instance. We will also make the map designs available to local Estate Agents to print branded versions of the map for their own distribution channels. When you are allocated a slot on the map, you listing will be on ALL maps printed for the same fee.

How will the maps be distributed?

We aim to leave maps in local shops, cafes, restaurants, and other prominent places where they may attract more footfall into the area – stations, the library, local tourist attractions, etc. We also expect some maps to be distributed by local estate agents.

If you have an idea of where the map could be placed, let us know ad

What details will be displayed on the map? Can I add a logo?

For shop-front businesses, on the map side, the map will display your business name at your shop location. 

On the listing side, all slots will have your business name and one of either your phone number, website or e-mail address. 

There will not be room for a logo due to space constraints.

I missed getting a spot on the map, does that mean my business can never be on the map?

No. We aim to update the map periodically to allow for changes in businesses and to keep information up to date.  When we launch the next edition, members and current participants will be notified again and invited to take a slot on the new edition. We expect this first edition to be in circulation for at least 12 months from the date of launch.

How much will it cost for a slot on the map?

We are offering a 4HTA Member rate and a non-member rate:

  • 4HTA Members : £25
  • Non-members: £85
Why do non-members pay so much more than members?

Members of the 4HTA pay an annual fee which contributes to the operations of the association and our projects. One of the benefits of membership is a discounted rate on projects that require additional funding. Should you wish to take advantage of such discounts along with further business benefits, you are more than welcome to join the 4HTA before purchasing your map listing slot. Click here to join us.

Ready to book your slot?

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If you are not a member, then click here to join first.
If you’re ready to purchase your slot, then let’s go!

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