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The 4HTA has never taken the local residents of SK4 for granted. We know consumers have many choices of where to shop and we’re grateful to everyone who makes the effort to Shop Local and help our community thrive. That’s why we’ve started this project – the Heatons’ very own Loyalty Scheme!

Current Status

Not launched Yet

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Expected Early 2019


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The Heatons Friends Project


“…for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business 63p stayed in the local economy, compared to 40p with a larger business.

Source: The Guardian: 7 Reasons to Shop Locally

As a business group, the 4 Heatons Traders Association is closely linked with the local community and aims to undertake projects that will benefit not only those who operate a business within the Heatons, but also those who live here. With this in mind, we have developed the Heatons Friends scheme as a way to support our local businesses and to encourage residents of the Heatons and beyond to use businesses and services based in the area, rather than look elsewhere. In return, each person who becomes a ‘Heatons Friend’ will receive a range of benefits and discounts from 4HTA businesses taking part in the scheme..

How will it work?

To become a Heatons Friend, all you need to do is sign-up online. There is an annual fee of £10 for which you will receive:

  • a membership card
  • a joining/renewal gift
  • a directory of businesses taking part in the scheme where you will receive discounts and offers exclusive to Heatons Friends
  • a regular newsletter keeping you up-to-date with local business and area news
  • the opportunity to join a team of volunteers to help with 4HTA-orgainsied projects & events

The 4HTA is implementing a number of new projects and, as these get up and running, we hope to be able to offer further benefits to all our Heatons Friends.

Where does the Annual Fee go?

The 4HTA is a not-for-profit association that uses any income it receives to fund the operation of the association, our community festivals, and our projects that are designed to improve the Heatons for both local businesses and the Heatons community more widely. The annual Heatons friend fee will contribute to these funds and enable us to support local businesses and the community more effectively. A list of current projects can be found on the projects page of our website.

Have an idea for a project or event that would benefit the Heatons and local business? As a Heatons Friend we would welcome your ideas and opinions.

We hope you will help us support our local businesses by becoming a Heatons Friend and enjoy all the benefits of membership.

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