Last week, our clients Cumbria Constabulary were awarded Gold – for Best Employee Engagement Programme and Silver – for Best Coaching and Mentoring Programme for our strengths-based coaching approach Chats That Matter ® at the prestigious International Training Journal Awards 2019!

The awards recognised how by using our Chats That Matter® strengths-based coaching approach the organisation has been able to unlock potential in their teams and help people grow and achieve. Here is a short video about this recent success and the difference our approach makes.

Working with police officers that do such important work every day has been a real privilege. It has been fantastic that the staff and officers responded so positively to the approach. We focused on supporting managers to transform conversations with staff about performance and potential by taking a whole person approach using coaching skills and our strengths-based techniques. Managers have described the impact this is having on the day to day work and emotional wellbeing of staff. They have noticed how people feel more valued and supported and are more effective as a result. They describe how the organisation culture is shifting to be more collaborative.

One manager who attended our course described it as, “The most stretching course he had ever been on!” Another manager said that, “Seeing someone being coached was like seeing a brighter version of themselves shine through!” 

And Superintendent Sarah Jackson, who was Head of People at the time the programme was developed, said: We wanted a programme that built trust between individuals and their line mangers, having meaningful conversations that recognised what was important to the people who work in our organisation. All staff are now having Chats That Matter® and discovering the strengths in their people to help them perform at their best.”

Chats That Matter is Growing Our Chats That Matter® approach really helps organisation get the best from their people. We love to help people get things On The Up and clients tell us how much they have benefited from our approach. We work with all kinds of public sector and private sector organisations and we look forward to expanding our work using our tried and tested techniques to engage positively with people and coaching people to be their best selves.

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Julia Wolfendale

On The Up Consulting