Since the 4HTA was formed back in 2009, the website has been a cornerstone of the associaton. As well as allowing 4HTA members to post news and stories for the general public, it also had a lively Members Only area which included a discussion forum.

However, the technology world moves quickly, and we felt the time was right for the website to get a facelift. The old site wasn’t very mobile friendly, and with more and more people browsing the web via their phones and tablets, this was becoming an issue.

We also thought the website could serve a much more integral purpose for the 4HTA. This new website will now manage membership sign-ups and renewals, and members will soon be able to pay their subscription online via credit or debit card. As the 4HTA is run by volunteers, any of the workload that can be taken on by the website is a real time saver.

When the 4HTA started, my first role was as membership secretary and the processes for signing up new members that I put in place have remained largely unchanged over the years. I also implemented the website at that time. So when I was asked to return to the role this year, I decided that the time was right for the website to better serve our members. And with my hat on, we were already creating websites for our clients, so who better to create a brand-new all singing and dancing site?!

There are many plans in the pipeline for this site which will be phased in over the coming months. Watch this space!


Rajeev Arora

Websites, Printing, Design - marketing that works for your business