Newlands Residential and Nursing Home has been around for a number of years. Going back 10 or so years, the care home was owned by Angel Care, then Southern Cross and the current organisation is HC-One. Over the past 2 years Newlands has been through some tough times, its name was tarnished and this was probably down to mismanagement although difficult to say as not being around at the time. The CQC (Care Quality Commission) deemed the care home ‘Inadequate’ in February of 2017. This prompted the Senior Management and Directors of HC-One to act as this was unacceptable. A full overview of the service offering was reviewed and changes were put in place. A follow up inspection was carried out by the CQC in December 2017 and the transformation was incredible. It is extremely rare for a Care Home to go from an ‘Inadequate’ rating to a ‘Good’ rating whilst by passing the ‘Requires Improvement’. This shows the work that was put in by all the staff and management. Employing over 80 staff, having 4 floors of both Residential and Nursing for nearly 70 residents is a big job. So impressed were the Senior Management and Directors they looked to make Newlands a showcase home. They want to change the view on care homes as just places where people or left to stagnate. Care homes get an extremely bad press these days and HC-One want to change that. A decision was taken to put in a refurbishment programme to not only make all the floors have more of a welcoming d├ęcor but to completely revamp the top floor to a very high standard. The idea being is to remove the stigma of a care home from being a depressing place of solitude and little interaction to a place where you can enjoy a short break, be looked after for 24 hours and if you enjoy it you can stay. The floor has been called the ‘Beeches’ and is well worth a look. I have been brought in to help highlight this thought process and cascade that into the local community and I feel as a Newlands is a local care provider who employs a lot of staff in the local area this is important. I hope over the coming months to meet up with the local tradesmen and women and be able to showcase Newlands for what it is now and build up strong working relationships within the local community. Ayman Bakr – Occupancy Manager – Newlands