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Mohammad Waseem Majeed

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At Care 4 You Manchester Ltd, our belief is that everyone has the right to choose the way in which they want to be cared for and supported. We respect individual privacy and offer dignity and independence. We operate as a people focused business in every sense, through set principles, in order to reach our aims. Our statement includes information required by the Health and social Care Act 2008 and it should be read in conjunction with our Service User’s Guide. It also meets the requirements that are set out in the CQC regulations Outcome 15: Statement of Purpose.

Our Aims and Objections

To ensure quality is maintained in everything we do, we aim:

- To provide a high quality domiciliary and care service which is flexible, efficient and value for money.
- To enable Service Users to live within their own home with support (wherever possible).
- To safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of Service User and to enable them to maintain their independence, have informed choice and an opportunity to enjoy and contribute to society.
- To continually provide an exemplary person-centered service which focus on quality of life to all Service Users.
- To provide a non-discriminatory service which will serve all Service Users regardless of their race, nationality, language, religion or beliefs, age, sex or sexual orientation, social or financial standing.
- To ensure staff members are trained to meet the tasks necessary to offer quality care.
- To undertake quality assessments of needs and to exercise quality care management.
- To carry out health and safety risk assessments around all Service User care.
- To ensure care packages comply with time-scales and are deliverable.

Our Principles

To make sure that we provide a quality service, our key principles are:

- To focus on Service Users.
- To provide care and support in a way that have positive outcomes for Service Users and promotes their active participation.
- To adhere to our Philosophy of Care.
- To examine our operations constantly through a self-audit to ensure that we are successfully achieving our stated aims and objectives.
- To work for the comprehensive welfare of Service Users.
- To provide for each Service User a package of care to contributes to their overall personal and healthcare needs and preferences.
- To cooperate with other services and professionals to help to maximise each Service User’s independence and maximum participation within the community.
- To meet the initial assessment needs agreed with each individual.
- To ensure that each Service Users’ assessed needs and preferences are thoroughly reassessed frequently.
- To ensure that the care and support provided have the flexibility to respond to changing needs and requirements.
- To wholeheartedly commit to providing top quality services and to continue to improve in the level of care offered.
- To respect our Equal Opportunities policy in all that we do.
- To employ a quality workforce who are compassionate and caring.

Nature of the Services

At Care 4 You Manchester Ltd, we strongly believe everyone should have the freedom to choose how they want to receive care and support, providing them with the opportunity to live life as fully and independently as possible.

We understand that people have different caring needs; our people-focused care varies from help for a couple of hours a week on everyday tasks to 24-hour live in care. Our personalised approach to caring is developed around people’s needs.

Care 4 You Manchester Ltd promotes a way of life for Service Users, which permits them to enjoy to the greatest possible extent, their rights as individual human beings. The principles of good care are fundamental to our work:

- The Service User has a right to know how services shall be provided, who shall provide them, how flexible they may be and what resources are available.
- The Service User has a right to ask about the quality of service provided and for their views to be
recorded, and if necessary acted upon.
- The Service User has the right to make a formal complaint against Care 4 You Manchester Ltd Management or its staff. There is a procedure and guidelines for this purpose.
- The Service User has the right to be attended to by care staff that have undergone training.
- The Service User has a right to an advocate and if required an interpreter.
- The Service User has a right for this statement of purpose to be respected and, to be reviewed in
the event of new legislation.

Services we provide

- Personal Care (such as getting up and putting to bed, bathing, washing, dressing, continence
management, toileting, medication supervision)
- Help and assist with general mobility needs
- Sleep-In/ Night Time Carers
- Domestic Work/ General Help (such as shopping, cleaning, food preparation & running errands etc.)
- 24 hour Live in Care
- Preparing light snacks and meals.
- Devise and deliver total Care Packages
- Escorting / Accompanying within the community to day centres, doctor’s surgery, opticians, shops
- Providing company and companionship
- Providing care to cover for family/carer to take a break

Finally, we want to care for our clients’ well-being by ensuring they remain as independent as possible.