Heart Of The Heatons

Heart of the Heatons is an annual local festival of inspiration and connectivity, spreading collective joy through arts, music and culture. This year, the festival is running from Friday 4th October to Sunday 13th October and our theme for this year is ‘connection’.

During this festival people can expect three things:

  1. Get to know more about what’s going on in the area with many community groups, venues and existing events putting on Heart of the Heatons taster sessions or special events/activities
  2. Experience specially created events that aim to spread collective joy across the Heatons
  3. Connect with other members of your community through shared experiences

How to get involved
4HTA Members are invited to get involved with Heart Of The Heatons in a number of ways:

  • Spread the word: put up a poster in your business, share posts on social media, tell your customers, friends and family, and – of course – go along to the events!
  • Hosting an event: got an idea that you would love to see happen to inspire the local community? Let Mel and Suze know and they’ll help you make it part of the programme.
  • Volunteer a little time: help the organisers get through all the stuff needed to make this event happen by lending a pair of hands.

For more information on Heart Of The Heatons, take a look at the website www.heartoftheheatons.com. You can contact the organisers on melandsuze@fountainmay.com. or via Facebook and Instagram @heartoftheheatons.

Melanie Page

Fountain May