This is going to seem like a random one, but I’m putting it out there all the same!


Kiko Matthews, is currently cycling 7200km around the UK coastline in an effort to raise awareness of the issue of plastic waste on our UK beaches.  She’s undertaking a beach clean in over 70 locations along the way, and the closest one to us in the Heatons is Formby on Thursday 6th June.   (You may have heard of her as last year she secured the world record for crossing the Atlantic as the fastest female solo-rower!).

Here’s more info on the project:

And a video all about what she’s up to!

I’d really like to see a keen support group from the Heatons to help with Kiko’s challenge!

Event information:

If you’re also a super keen cyclist then you can join Kiko on part of the route…

In terms of equipment, you can bring some kind of gloves if you wish, and your own litter picker if you have one (a worthy investment!), otherwise the Beach Clean Organiser will bring litter pickers and bags! There will also be a safety talk given at each beach.  Just wear sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather.

If you’d like to get involved, then fill your car with fellow pickers, so we save on petrol as much as we can!

Please share to anyone and everyone and even if you’re not up for it, please could you dump the Facebook event on your social please so your friends can get involved!

Kids, dogs, partners all welcome to join the clean if they’re keen!



Mel and Suze.

Melanie Page

Fountain May