The Four Heatons Traders Association has today submit a planning application for toll booths to be installed at the two ends of the A5145 Didsbury Road – the junctions with the M60 roundabout and the A34 Kingsway. The application aims to address the increasing congestion along Didsbury Road which is a common thoroughfare between Didsbury, Stockport and the A6.

Funding for the plans has been secured from the EU Highways Agency (EUHA) using funds that were allocated to North West based projects prior to Article 50 being triggered. The EUHA has issued an advisory earlier this year indicating that the funding would be lost if not used before the end of the Brexit process, and they were therefore willing to consider all projects, however innovative or unconventional.

Shane Flannery, Chairman of the 4HTA hand delivered the application to Fred Perry House on Friday. “This is a grand and ambitious scheme designed to ensure we get full control of our borders in the Heatons” said Shane. “If successful, we will seek to have similar toll booths installed in Heaton Chapel and Heaton Norris, thereby controlling the traffic throughout SK4. The longer term vision is to then apply for the Heatons to be the UK’s first Self Drive Vehicle only district. We have Tesla on our doorstep so we’re already on the right track”.

Members of the public are now invited to comment on the proposal on the Stockport council website. To voice your opinion, please visit