The aim of the 4 Heatons Traders Association is to make the Heatons a better place to live, work and prosper. With that in mind, we have recently begun work on several projects which, we hope, will benefit Heatons businesses as well as the local community. Through these projects, we hope to generate greater visibility for our area and to encourage greater cohesion as #TheHeatons

  • Kick the Plastic
    Led by our eco consultant – Jodi Flannery of Eco-Me-Consultancy – our aim is to create greater awareness of plastic pollution and help reduce the use of plastics within the Heatons. To begin with, we are focusing on encouraging local businesses to swap single-use plastics – straws, take-away cups/containers, carrier bags – for more sustainable, non-plastic alternatives. We are also hoping to link up with local community groups to see how we can help reduce plastics across the Heatons more generally and investigate recycling options. Look out for local businesses making a pledge to #KickThePlastic on our dedicated Instagram page and also via pledge posters in business windows/on websites. Want to find out more or find out what you can do to help work towards a plastic-free Heatons? Email Jodi at: 


  • Heatons Map
    Yes, the Heatons is getting it’s very own map! In order to achieve our aim of generating greater visibility for the Heatons as a whole, the 4HTA is producing a printed map which will feature local business, services and transport links. There will be a business listing on the reverse of the map featuring local business information, contacts etc. We are asking local businesses to sign-up for a listing on the map which will be widely distributed throughout the Heatons and beyond – not only do we want to remind the local community how great the Heatons is and the fantastic independent businesses that operate here, but we want to ensure those in surrounding areas also know and pay us a visit! 4HTA members benefit from a significant discount on a listing spot, but the option for a listing is open to any Heatons business. For more information or to sign-up for a listing, just drop us an email.


  • Heatons Friend
    As a business association, one of our key roles is to support local businesses in encouraging the community to shop local by choosing Heatons businesses & services before looking elsewhere. Our Heatons Friend scheme has been in discussion for some time and we are now working on getting it up & running. What is it? Basically, it is a shop local scheme where members of the community sign-up to be a Heatons Friend, receiving a membership card, quarterly newsletters covering local business & community news, the option to be added to a volunteer list to help at local events, and discounts at a range of 4HTA member businesses. As our other projects move forward, we also hope to offer more benefits to those who become a Heatons Friend. A listing will be produced of all those businesses taking part in the scheme and regular updates on new offers will be provided via email/newsletters. If you are a 4HTA member and have not yet been in touch to let us know you would like to be part of the scheme, just drop us an email.

#KickThePlastic is already up & running and we are looking at how we can expand & develop this initiative. The Heatons Map and Heatons Friend scheme are still in planning, but we hope to be able to launch both in the New Year. This is a very exciting time for the 4HTA and we very much hope our projects will be welcomed & supported by local businesses & the local community. Have an idea for a project for the Heatons you would like to see the 4HTA concentrate on in the future? Get in touch – we are all ears!


Four Heatons Traders Association

Four Heatons Traders Association

Making the Heatons a better place to live, work and prosper