4HTA About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the Heatons a better place to live, work and prosper.

Our Members

All our members are businesses based in the SK4 area.

Our Events

We are responsible for the Heatons Summer Festival and the Heatons Christmas Festival each year.

Our Network

We encourage our members to support each other and the community. Because we are clearly stronger together.

Who we are…

We are an independent group of pro-active business people, all of whom trade within the FOUR HEATONS. Our inaugural meeting was in March 2009; since then more than 70 businesses have been represented.

This group is open to every business, small or large, as long as your business is based within The Heatons (postcode region SK4). This is your opportunity to have your voice heard.

  • Heaton Mersey 18%
  • Heaton Moor 55%
  • Heaton Chapel 19%
  • Heaton Norris 8%

Charities supported since 2009

Our Aims

Our mission is “to make the Heatons a better place to live, work and prosper”.

We want to make The Four Heatons the first and regular choice for residents when deciding where to spend their money. We plan to cover issues such as Local Marketing, Parking, Business Rates, Transport and many more.

As a group we will do whatever we can to address these issues, but with more voices we can put more pressure on the official bodies. We have already had very positive feedback from the Local Authority & the Police Community Support Team – including access to some funding!

The Steering Group

The Steering Group is elected in March each year. They are responsible for managing the 4HTA including the administration, budgets, funding, branding & PR, and facilitating a collaborative environment for projects to develop and prosper.

Monthly Meetings

The members of the 4HTA meet on a monthly basis (on the 3rd Tuesday of each month) to discuss common topics of interest to the SK4 business community. However, we are very aware that it’s not always possible for members to attend these meetings. We also have an active closed Facebook group for members to discuss topics of interest. Our members regularly take on their own projects within sub-groups, requesting support and funding from the 4HTA as needed.

Shane Flannery

Shane Flannery


Almond Solicitors, Heaton Moor

Graham Thomas

Graham Thomas


GT Photography

Kay Ruby

Kay Ruby

Events Co-Ordinator

Kro Bar, Heaton Moor

Lindsey Farrelly

Lindsey Farrelly

Team Member

Stella Maris School

Mike Frisbee

Mike Frisbee


Mike Frisbee Photography

Rajeev Arora

Rajeev Arora

Membership Secretary

Printing.com, Heaton Moor